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Monday, November 25, 2019

Tour Aotearoa Update – 25 November 2019

Wow! There are now over 1000 entrants in next year’s Tour Aotearoa. It is going to be quite an incredible event! In this update we will cover three things:

1. Tour Aotearoa Official Guides out now
2. Presentation at Taupo this Friday, 29 November 2019
3. GPX/KML files now updated

First some miscellaneous updates.

BREVET BUNDLES: Amy has asked me to remind you that she has produced a little bundle of brevet goodies like a TA map bandanna, a Blow on the Pie patch, stickers, discounts to help you get through the TA and freebies. They are available at www.kitupforta.co.nz  

POUTO POINT CAMPING: camp leader Janeen from Pouto Point wants to remind everyone that there is no freedom camping at Pouto Point, and riders should make a donation to use the camp facilities. They aren’t cheap to run, so make sure you chip in and contribute to this campsite.

Some riders have booked a stay at the camp ground already. There is only space for 50 people (council rules), so this is a good idea. Also, there is a small shop at the campground.  Camp phone number is 09 4350596. Janeen

We will compile all the useful notes like these (and others that are going up on Facebook) over the next two months and put out a list of them before you start your ride. Most of this sort of detail is in the guidebooks.

One last item, please don’t forget to register with Maprogress so that you can be tracked during the Tour Aotearoa. Goto https://app.maprogress.com/  for more information.

Official Guide Books

The TA guides (PDF version and paper version) are out now. They describe in detail the 2020 course, and include maps, cue sheets, a list of services, and an introduction full of updated information.

For those happy to read the guide on their phone or computer, you can get a pdf version by going to https://www.kennett.co.nz/product/tour-aotearoa-official-guides-pdf

The paper version is available at most independent bookshops, bike shops, and online at www.kennett.co.nz or if  you are an overseas rider we recommend www.groundeffect.co.nz (the postage is cheaper).

Tour Aotearoa presentation this Friday

At the Taupo Cycle Challenge this Friday we are giving a presentation about Tour Aotearoa and NZs top 40 Mountain Bike Rides. This is an opportunity to ask questions and meet other TA riders. The talk will be at 4pm at the Great Lake Centre theatre on Friday the 29 November.

This is also where riders doing the Taupo Cycle Challenge can pick up their race packs. We will have a book stall at Taupo all Friday and most of Saturday.

Pop by and say hello.

Official GPS files now ready

Paul and I have just finished updating the gpx/kml files for you to load onto your gps. Here they are:

Note 1: these may be updated before your start. If they are, we will let you know.
Note 2: he GPX files have limitations.  Basically, it's fine as a file to import into your GPS cycle computer, but if you try to load it into a website like Strava or RideWithGPS, those sites just can't handle the complex nature of the TA course.


There are now 1010 entrants!  If for any reason you cannot take part in the event, please send me an email. This will possibly provide room for another rider.

Please check your details on this start list: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1e2VTW2D5BcBY-zlNcgmESIR0uqX3-nhgbhYDD6E61m8/

If you can’t find your name on the list, then you haven’t entered. If you want to enter, then please email us by the end of the next week at touraotearoa@kennett.co.nz

For more information 

Go to  http://www.touraotearoa.nz

There are also two Tour Aotearoa Facebook pages, where you can ask questions of other riders.

Until the next update, I hope your training is gaining momentum and you’re keeping it fun!

Hope to see you at Taupo!

Pedal on!
Jonathan Kennett

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