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GPS Downloads

Find your way

In addition to the TA Official Guide books we recommend you use a GPS with the full Tour Aotearoa route as it allows you to focus on the sights and sounds of the journey.

Download the whole route GPS files (updated 9 Dec 2022):

  • GPX - generic GPS file [3.4 MB]
  • GDB - compressed GPS file [0.7 MB]
  • KMZ - compressed Google Earth file [0.5 MB]
And here's our Hauraki Rail Trail bypass (the mangrove sections were closed for rework in late 2022): GPX or KMZ

Garmin Connect users should use the individual GPX files below (Connect can't cope with the single large file above).

GPS files sliced into more, smaller parts

If you are using Garmin Connect or an old GPS unit with a small memory capacity you may be able to use these routes sliced into smaller parts, however these files are updated less frequently than the primary files listed above:

http://www.kennett.co.nz/maps/tour-aotearoa/files/parts/ or 

After clicking on the link above you'll need to:

Windows users - "Right-click" on each GPS file link with your mouse and "Save Link As".

Mac user - Click on the GPS file links, and "Download Linked File As". (If you use "Download Linked File" instead, it will append the file with a *.txt extension, which will mean it won't recognize the file as a GPS route.)

More troubleshooting info

GPS web/phone apps come out every few months and each one will have is strengths and weaknesses, some will work better with a particular brand of GPS, some will work better with Android or iPhone or online or on the desktop/laptop/tablet. The number of possible permutations is staggering.

Also - the TA route is long. Longer than some apps can cope with. It also a has multiple options - which some apps don't know how to deal with.

Therefore we're not able to support you in your quest to load the GPS files into your preferred system. This is another one of those challenges that the TA requires you to overcome, just to reach the start-line. Good luck!