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Tour Aotearoa Official Guides

If you ride the Tour Aotearoa, we recommend to have a paper backup in case of GPS failure (i.e. flat batteries) and to help plan beyond the next turn.

These small lightweight guidebooks fit that need and are packed with the following useful information:
  • transport options to Cape Reinga
  • cue sheets for every section
  • maps throughout the route
  • elevation charts
  • locations of the 30 photo control points
  • contact details for campgrounds, accommodation, cafes, pubs, etc.
  • phone numbers for boat operators on the five water sections
  • transport options for leaving Bluff.
Copies of Tour Aotearoa Official Guides (North and South Island) are available here.

Tour Aotearoa coffee table book

Tour Aotearoa is an inspirational coffee table book that showcases the 3000-kilometre bikepacking journey from Cape Reinga to Bluff.

Describing the natural and cultural heritage of Tour Aotearoa as well as including humorous and insightful stories from riders and lessons on how to ride your own Tour. 

With 260 colour photos by Sven Martin, Richard Sidey, Matt Dewes and others.

Copies of the Tour Aotearoa coffee tabel book are available here.