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When To Ride

Open all year round

The Tour Aotearoa route is open to the public all year round, however, the best time to ride is in the late summer and early autumn. Keep in mind that the later you embark the less daylight you will have, but that there will also be less traffic on the roads and more options when it comes to accommodation.

Do not ride Tour Aotearoa during winter, because the off-road tracks will be too muddy, or during the summer holidays (24 December to late January-ish) because the roads will be too busy.

IMPORTANT: Timing your start at Cape Reinga

Check the tide timetables so that you know when to begin your trip from Cape Reinga. Go to https://tides.niwa.co.nz/, and enter ‘Ahipara Bay’ for the location and the dates you are considering traveling.

Note: You can start riding on the beach three hours before low tide and finish four hours after low tide.