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11 Rules for riding the 2020 Brevet

  1. Do it all yourself, under your own steam.
  2. Follow 100% of the course (side trips are fine, of course).
  3. Carry all your own gear (i.e. no domestiques, unless you are part of a team). 
  4. This event is a brevet, not a race. It is not about finding the fastest rider. Riders must not complete the course in less than 10 days.
  5. Riders must finish in under 30 days (that’s 100 km per day).
  6. Between 9am one day and 9am the next, every rider must spend at least one block of at least six hours not travelling. In other words, the maximum time any rider may spend riding each day will be 18 hours (between each 9am-to-9am period).
  7. No support vehicles of any kind meeting you along the way (the odd meeting with friends or family is OK).
  8. You must have a Spot Tracker and be signed up with MAProgress.com. This is for your safety, and so that we know that you are following the course.
  9. When on public roads, follow the NZ Road Code.
  10. There are 30 photo control points on the course. At these places you must take a photo to prove you were there, and to collect a visual album of your journey.
  11. Leave no trace. We remind all riders to respect the environment and not leave ANY waste behind them. If you have not been schooled in this department then please do some research.