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Environmental Care Code

Handle with care

To conserve the beautiful natural and cultural surroundings of the Tour Aotearoa please keep in mind the Environmental Care Code.

Protect plants and animals

Treat New Zealand’s forests and animals with care and respect. They are unique and often rare. Clean your bike between rides to avoid transporting weeds and the invasive freshwater algae, didymo.

Remove rubbish

It seriously irritates landowners and other trail users to have rubbish left on trails. Take all your rubbish with you and use recycling facilities where available.


Plan your day to use public toilets (or café toilets). If you get caught short, make sure you do your business well away from waterways, and bury number twos.

Keep streams and lakes clean

When cleaning and washing, do it away from streams and lakes. Soaps and detergents are pollutants.

Take care with stoves and fires

Fires destroy forests and homes. Never leave a fire unattended and make sure it is completely extinguished before leaving it.

Share with care

The trails in this book are open to the public, including walkers and, often, motorised vehicles. Share these trails with care.

Respect our cultural heritage

Many places in New Zealand, such as Cape Reinga, have a spiritual and historical significance. Treat these places with consideration and respect.

Offset your carbon emissions

You can offset your carbon emissions from travelling to the start and from the end of the Tour Aotearoa. Dr. Sean Weaver from Ekos has calculated the average emission for entrants from different parts of the world and set up a page especially for the Tour Aotearoa, so that you can offset very quickly: https://ekos.co.nz/touraotearoa  Or you can do your own calculations at http://calculators.enviro-mark.com/EmissionsCalc/tourismeditor.aspx