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Practical info

Prepare your Tour Aotearoa

A great deal of planning and organization is required to prepare for the Tour Aotearoa.

You might have questions about a simple training plan, the gear you need and the trail surfaces you’ll have to deal with. In order to ensure you have a successful trip, we've collected all the practical information you might need to help you prepare for and enjoy Tour Aotearoa.

How do you pronounce that?
Riders from overseas may be interested to hear what some of the place names sound like when pronounced by a local. Here's 2020 rider Ann-Maree Ellison talking about the major stops on the route:

Finish medals
You can buy a "Made it" medal for $10 from the café at Sterling Point or Tuatara Backpackers in Invercargill or email esler@southnet.co.nz