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2018 Brevet

Almost 600 People have successfully subscribed for the Tour Aotearoa 2018 Brevet in February 2018. For this edition there are a few places left for the 28th of February. If you want to sign-up please send an e-mail to jonathan@kennett.co.nz.

Registering for the Brevet is free. Click here to read about all the things you need to know before registering.

Start date overview:
10th Feb 8am Saturday
12th Feb 10am Monday
14th Feb 12pm Wednesday
24th Feb 7am Saturday
26th Feb 9am Saturday
28th Feb 11am Wednesday

2020 Brevet

If you want to stay informed about the 2020 Brevet you can fill in this contact form. Also, as the tour goes over public road you can organise your own group ride, you are free to use and share all the information on this website.