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A new post from Craig Madsen on some of the top choices in compact cameras.

A simple plan to get you started. 

Looking after yourself
Simon Kennett did the Great Divide back in 2008 before bikepacking was a "thing". When he recovered he organized the first Kiwi Brevet in 2010. See below some info Simon has shared on making your ride more fun.
Looking after yourself.
Hand care.
Butt care.
Gear and food.

This is a summary of some of the kit taken from the rider profiles on the Kiwi Brevet site and also gleaned from google.



Super Nova Lighting Systems

Strap on head torches

Dynamo lighting
Klite The best resource for dynamo lighting/USB charging options. Contact Kerry at Klite for a TA discount on a Lighting/Dynamo system. A dynamo lighting intro.
Good Rotations

Exposure revo

Busch & Muller

Luggage systems
THULE (ex freeload ex NZ)
Stealth Bike Bags (NZ)
Dancing Moose
Revelate Designs:

Bike Bag Dude (Aussie)
Apidura (10% discount for TA riders )

Some other people's set-ups
Erik Westra (pdf file on Dropbox)
Kiwi Brevet set-ups from 2015
Individual set-ups on

Pioneering Kiwi Bikepacker Simon Kennett's kit preview and review from 2008's Great Divide.
Ollie Whalley Kiwi TD winner 2012
Jay Petervary TD ITT record holder 2012 (Vimeo vid, really good).
Mike Hall TD winner 2013
Jefe Branham TD winner 2014
Rob Davidson's (Kiwi) TD set-up

Saddle width
You probably think long distance riding in comfort is all about fitness, but equally important is how you deal with the discomfort in your nether regions. Here are a couple of good links to help you get the right sized saddle.

How to find right saddle width -
What actually happens when you sit and the differences between men and womens  sit-bones

Stuff happens
A list of mechanical ailments from a previous Kiwi Brevet. Take heed.
  • Worst Bike Failure:
  • Steering head bearings went dry, resultant creaking sounded like a total failure of the system and possible carbon failure but the unique bearing arrangement of the leftie system meant is was a simple and cheap fix ...go the cannondale!
  • GPS failure on day 2- that the Emmens for meticulous route cards
  •  didnt have any
  • dynamo light failure....puncture resealed
  • worn out brake pad, one puncture, that was it.
  • Cracked chainstay. Detected in Big River, clamped together in Murchison with hose clamps purchased from the petrol station (see attached photo). Held together for the next 450km…no worries!
  • Broken spoke and so very buckled rear wheel. 60k in on the first day, straight pull spoke that no one stocks but after taking it careful on the down hills I got it fixed in Richmond. A lot better than losing rear brake on the third day last year.
  • Electrical issues, GPS, charging issues. I decided not to obsess over them and waste time playing with things I would likely not be able to fix and instead adapt to what was working well. I think it was a good decision. Dynamo and light were fine and I could charge while staying in accommodation so it was not really a problem.
  • Dynamo hub / front wheel bearing
  • Colour - bees love blue!
  • Nothing
  • Seat post slipping constantly on first day.
  • delaminating front tire
  • Scotties Hut on the first night - only night with a roof over my head.
  • broken spoke, creaky bottom bracket - she did well!
  • minor wheel tension issue in Hanmer
  • 1st day, 20 metres onto the gravel on North bank road, rack falls off. Tyre splits about an hour or so later
  • Absolutely zero myself, but teammates had plenty to deal with. Failed tyres held together with zip ties, then a cracked frame.
  • Nothing really except for a creaking bottom bracket.
  • puncture
  • Brake pads.
  • Rear tyre delaminated coming into Nelson. Apart from that no problems at all
  • damn lucky I didn't have one, my front head shox failed on ride home from the airport
  • Running low on brake pads, nothing
  • Front Shock blowing oil out / Dirty Chain ?
  • back pads crapped out , took out to check and couldn't get anything back in , no spares, ended up doing 150km no back brakes and poor front ones. thanks to Bike barn Nelson for getting us totally sorted.
  • 2.1" x 29er too small! Ordering a 29+
  • My rear end , the freewheel in the rear hub schredded itself about 20k's out from Ikamatua
  • Broken spoke - had a spare- but was drive side, so stayed that way until I got home.
  • low leak in the rear tyre on the last day
  • Broken chain from the Wharfdale track
  • Shifter fell off going through Big River Soldier Road coming on dark… had to talk myself out of a dark place. That, one flat going up(!) Maungatapu and pad glazing were my only issues.

The full list is here.

From 2012, here.
From 2014, here.

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