Mission Critical info


We have decided to take 600 entrants spread over the following dates:
10th, 12th and 14th February 2018, and
24th, 26th and 28th February 2018.

These start dates mean you will be able to ride down Ninety Mile Beach during low tide.



Hokianga Ferry Timetable* Cost is $2 for a 10 min trip.
Departs North Terminal (Rawene)
Arrives South Terminal (Narrows)
7:15am (weekdays only)
7:30am (weekdays only)

*Note: At peak times the Ferry may change to shuttle mode, at which times the above time table may be suspended and sailings will be more frequent

Kaipara Harbour Boat Times
Cost is $50 (take cash). The last money machine is in Dargaville.
Sailing time is approximately 3 hours.
These sailings are for Tour Aotearoa riders only. There are no other sailings during this time. They will watch trackers and wait a while if there are riders just about to arrive at Pouto. Please be patient and treat this crossing as an adventure.
Note: If you are riding outside these times then the captain will pick you up while doing a fishing charter, which usually happen on Saturdays.

Whanganui River
There are two main companies operating on the river, and they offer jet boat trips and hire Canadian Canoes (which hold bikes fine). Contact details are on the web and in Classic NZ Cycle Trails. Take cash if you want fast service.

Whanganui River Adventures, based in Pipiriki. This company also provides accommodation, camping and some food at Pipiriki.
They generally do pickups from the landing at 1:30pm and 4pm.
They offer a discount for groups of 8 or more, for $80 per person. Otherwise it is the standard price of $90.

Bridge to Nowhere Tours will do an early pick up at 9:30am and a late pick up at 6:30pm if riders book in with him. A group of 8 or more would be $75 per person. Otherwise, the standard price is $90-$100.
They also offer food and accommodation at their lodge partway down the river.

Cook Strait Ferry
There are two ferries offering a few sailing times a day, and prices between $50 and $90. All riders must take one of these ferries (no flying across the strait).

Lake Wakatipu
There are two options: the historic steamship SS Earnslaw or a water taxi.
The water taxis offer more flexible times and can be booked at http://www.queenstownwatertaxis.co.nz/


Photo points



See rules


The route
See the route.


Spot Trackers
Every individual and every couple must have a spot tracker. Teams of three or more need to have two or more spot trackers (because over 3000km it is highly likely your team will split up). There are several advantages to having the spot trackers. Safety is the obvious one. But it also means we can be sure riders follow the course. It’s also the best way for friends and family to spectate. And it means the Kaipara boat captain will know how many riders are waiting for a trip across the harbour.

MAProgress are providing the tracking for Tour Aotearoa at http://touraotearoa.maprogress.com, share this link with family and friends so they can track your progress. Everyone needs to be registered on MAProgress so you can add the photos and show up as a marker on the map.

1.     Go to https://touraotearoa.maprogress.com/event/join to register
2.     Enter all the details to display in your profile on the map
3.     Click on the Devices tab
4.     If you have your own tracker, click on “Add a NEW device you own”, and enter the details for it
5.     If you need to hire or buy a tracker, tick the relevant option
6.     If you’re purchasing a tracker, make sure to enter your address details in the Account Details tab
7.      Once you've joined, go to the map page, you should see your name in the grid to the left (refresh the map in a few seconds if it's not there yet).

You can come back to the join page at any time in the future (even during your ride) to update your details.

For those that don’t have their own Spot Tracker, you can also hire or buy one from Tony (tony@spotnz.com) at SpotNZ.