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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Tour Aotearoa Update July 2016

Hello TA riders,

The dust has well and truly settled from Tour Aotearoa 2016. Or has it?

Erik ‘never give up’ Westra has announced he will set out in early December and ride the Tour Aotearoa as the 2016 Tail End Charlie. I know that quite a few of you are keen to join him for part of the journey, so keep an eye on the facebook Tour Aotearoa General Forum page to follow his progress.

Talking about progress, the Hauraki Rail Trail are extending their path all the way to to Miranda at the moment. Hopefully they’ll have it done by the time Erik rides through. It will remove a busy section of Highway 25.

There are several upgrades and trail extensions planned for the TA, but they don’t include two important sections: Arataki ‘road’ maintenance and Waiuta Track repairs. So we will encourage future riders to make their entry donation towards this trail work. More about that later.

Tour Aotearoa 2018
We have decided to organise another event. It will again be limited to 300 be limited to 600 riders, and the start times are dictated by the tides.

The starts date are: 10th, 12th and 14th of February 2018 and 24th, 26th and 28th February 2018

And if you would like to enter, just email us at info@kennett.co.nz and we’ll put you on the 2018 list.

2017 Kiwi Brevet
Scott Emmens has announced that the 2017 Kiwi Brevet will start on the 4 February, and run in a counter clockwise direction. That means you’ll get Port Underwood out of the way early, and then thrive on all the great riding from Picton onwards.

More details will be released soon so keep an eye on:

Unofficial Tour Aotearoa 2017
We won’t be running an event in 2017, but a few people who didn’t manage to start (or finish) the tour this year are itching to do it as soon as possible. So that they can ride with others, (and share in the Kaipara Boat cost), we recommend the following starting dates for independent 2017 riders:

6am Sunday 19th Feb, 2017
7am Monday 20th Feb, 2017
8am Tuesday 21st Feb, 2017

Tracking in 2017
Anyone who wants to be tracked can contact Shane at Maprogress anytime and get set up so that friends and family know where you are. It also means other riders can join you along the way. Shane can be contacted at: shane@maprogress.com

Rule Changes
After feedback and consideration, we have decided to tweek a couple of the rules.

  1. The “No Outside Support” rule was broken so often that it’s…, well, it’s just totally broken. We are going to rebuild it and allow people to accept food and accommodation from friends and family along the way. But are sticking to the “no support vehicles” part of the rule.
  2. It turned out that a few riders didn’t get any sleep in the first 48 hours because they counted the Kaipara Harbour Boat as stopping time, and then just added on some standing around time before and after the boat to get to 6 hours total. That doesn’t count in our books, so in future we will only allow time on the Interislander ferries as “non travelling” time, because you can realistically get a good sleep on those ferries, especially if you get a cabin.

Tour Aotearoa Books
We are currently working on two Tour Aotearoa publications. The main one is a large coffee table book with 200 of the best photos we’ve been able to find. There is still space for another dozen, so if you took a ‘trophy shot’ then please email it to me for consideration. Thanks!

At the moment, 90% of the photos are from the awesome Sven Martin, the talented Richard Sidey, and the incomparable Matt Dewes, and the persistant Jonathan Kennett (that’s me).

We are also filling the book with funny and fascinating little stories from riders and locals sprinkled along the Tour Aotearoa route.

Draft cover of the Tour Aotearoa book.

Many, many thanks to everyone who has contributed so far

Concurrently, Whitirieia Publishing and the Kennett Bros are working on a small staple bound guide booklet, which has maps, elevation charts, cue sheets and a full list of cafes, pubs, campsites, hostels, and bike shops along the TA route.

Both the big coffee table book and the little guide booklet will be launched on the 1 November.

Many people and organisations helped pull the Tour together this year, and without realising it have set it up to go forward and become a defining part of NZ cycling culture. It couldn’t have happened without you:

Jeff Lyall – Website
Sean Duggan – Facebook Page
Jon Keyzer – Forum Facebook Page
Shane – Maprogress tracking page
Simon Kennett – Tour route and event advice
Paul Kennett – Tour HQ support
Erik Westra – Cue sheets and general TA advice to riders
Scott Emmens – event advice

I’d also like to thank those that I spent a lot of time riding with on the Tour, and subjecting them to becoming riding models, particularly Ginny Wood, Henry Fisher, Evan McCarney, Michel McCort, Jo Emmens, Hannah Black, Chris Tennant-Brown, Jackson Foster, Damian Cooper, Paul Browne, Michael North, Mondo Kopua, Dale Lopez, Sheila Hart, Ian and Wendy, Hamish, and Grenville.

And finally, thanks to Ground Effect for the great Kiwi made cycling kit, and Jonty of Revolution Cycles for building my brevet bike up at the very last minute.

Pedal on!

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