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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Tour Aoteroa Update October 2015 Update

Hi Folks,

The TA route is now sorted and things are looking great. We’ve described the full route, section by section, in the Tour Aotearoa edition of Classic New Zealand Cycle Trails, which is hot off the press right now. Everything useful that we could think of is included – trail surface conditions, elevation profiles, maps, campsites, accommodation, important contacts, hot tips, etc.

Pick up a copy from us (www.kennett.co.nz) or Ground Effect (www.groundeffect.co.nz), or your local bike shop or book store.

We have also just revised the online route map, which you can look at here: www.kennett.co.nz/maps/tour-aotearoa/tracks.html

We’ll have KML and GPX files (in segments of less than 10,000 points) of the route available for you in the next few weeks. These will be reissued in February, as there are three areas where trail building is still happening (we'll GPS the new bits in Jan/Feb). The three areas are:

  •     Arapuni to Jones Landing on the Waikato River Trail
  •     Around Hokitika on the West Coast Wilderness Trail
  •     Oreti Gorge to Mossburn on the Around the Mountains Cycle Trail.

Next month we will do a special ebook version for TA riders.

Shane from MaProgress will also put the gpx file up on his website, and it has the advantage that you can switch from a Google Maps background to NZ Topomaps, which provides far superior detail in remote areas.

Rider Profiles
A few people have been asking about rider profiles for Tour Aotearoa, and Shane has now got this sorted. Now just go directly to https://touraotearoa2016.maprogress.com/event/join and enter your profile and anything else required.
If you have any queries feel free to contact Shane at shane@maprogress.com

Book your SPOT
Don’t forget to hire or buy a SPOT tracker soon. This must be done by the end of November to ensure that there are enough in the country!
For a SPOT tracker, contact Tony Glentworth at tony@spotnz.com to buy one soon, or Shane at MaProgress (see above). If you have already got a spot from SpotNZ, then you don’t need to register again.

Fundraising Riders
There is now a page on the website that provides links to the dedicated sites of riders who will be raising funds during their 3000 km journey: http://www.touraotearoa.nz/p/fundraising-riders.html

They include, among others, Anka Martin, Andrew Smith and Ginny Wood. Take a look at their cool missions and give them some support.

Future updates and meetings
There is now a tonne of information on the website and the two Facebook pages.
Paul ‘the fixie’ Smith is also doing a neat series of articles – read them here: http://www.inspiring-riding.com/journey/journey-tour-aotearoa

Simon and I will be giving a talk about the Tour Divide and Tour Aotearoa at Taupo next month.
Where: Top Gear Cycles, 19 Tamamutu Street, Taupo
When: 8:30pm, 27 November
Why: Peter Goodman asked us too… and it’ll be a good opportunity for some questions and answers about the TA.

In Auckland, Mount Eden Cycles will also be hosting a TA gathering.  This shop is right into it, because they have several riders doing the tour!

Mt Eden Cycles (MEC) Invites all Tour Aotearoa riders to an In Store Info Sharing evening.
When:  Tuesday 10th Nov at 6.30pm
Who:  Everyone doing the Tour Aotearoa Brevet who can make it in
What:  A chance to discuss your preparation with others - including 2 x 15 minute presentations from two entrants who have down plenty of previous Brevets
We will even provide you with a free Beer!
Hope to see you there.

Mt Eden Cycles (MEC) is more than happy to help out all Tour Aotearoa riders as they ride through AKL.  The route includes a trip up Mt Eden itself which is just a minute from the MEC shop.
If anyone needs help with their bike or supplies just pop on in and we will be ready and keen to help.
If anyone needs a place to sleep your even welcome to sleep on the MEC shop floor overnight!

MEC (and Tour Aotearoa rider)

That’s all for this update. I’ll be in touch again in November. Until then, happy training – there is only four months to go!

Pedal on

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