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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Tour Aotearoa Update – July 2015

Hi tour riders,

Does anyone know when New Zealand last had an event like Tour Aotearoa? You know, with hundreds of riders gathering in a remote part of the country, all kitted up with strange gear, to ride 3000 km from tip to toe. I don’t think there’s ever been anything like it. It’s a conundrum. A mystery. And it’s going to be absolutely crazy, so you might as well prepare for the unpredictable, because in a ride like this, truth will be stranger than fiction. Here are a few updates to help with your planning.

Spot trackers
Don’t forget, you all need a spot tracker so that we know where you in case you get lost. Tony at SpotNZ is offering a great deal for TA riders of $485 for the latest Gen3.
It is recommended for your remote training missions (for emergencies and so your friends and family know where you are). Contact Tony Glentworth at tony@spotnz.com to buy one soon.

Special Bike Bags
Mike at Stealth Bike Bags has made a special Tour Aotearoa Stem Pouch. The logo for it was designed by tour rider Matt Dewes. Thanks Mike and Matt – it looks great. Check it out at:

Late Entry
Please don’t forget that there are people super keen to start on the 21st. If you are able to move to the 23rd or 24th start date, please let me know. Also, there are still a few spare places left in the third wave, so if you are on the reserve list or you know someone who would hate to miss out, then contact me asap. The places will soon be gone.

Facebook and Blog
You can find the start times for each wave on the Tour Aotearoa blog and the facebook page.
Sean has developed a Notes section on the left hand side of the Facebook page. Thanks Sean.
And Jeff has added a Stuff Happens list of all the things that broke in previous Kiwi Brevets, so you get an idea of what can go wrong. See the bottom of http://www.touraotearoa.nz/p/resources.html

Paul has updated the Tour Aotearoa route, simplifying the file so that it can be downloaded once finalised. We have also made three changes.
  1. We are going down Tararua Road because it is a beautiful gravel road, and it’s a shortcut, heading towards Pahiatua.
  2. The route from Pahiatua to Masterton has changed completely, because we think it is better to go via Eketahuna, for more quiet gravel roads, a bunch of shops and a giant kiwi (yep, it will be one of the photo control points).
  3. As the Mountains to Sea Cycle Trail is now well into constructing trail between Mavora Lakes and Mossburn, we are going to go via Queenstown, rather than the Nevis Valley. If the trail is not finished, we will just have to take some old 4WD tracks for a few kilometres.

The route is not final – but it is getting close. You can check the July draft out here: http://www.kennett.co.nz/maps/tour-aotearoa/tracks.html

Charity Riders
If you have a plan to raise funds for a charity on your ride, please let me know and I’ll profile you in the update next month.

Transport from Auckland north
If you need transport from Auckland for the start on the 23rd or the 24th, then you’ll be happy to hear that Ted from Tread Routes is organising a bus: book in advance by emailing treadroutes@gmail.com

Until then, happy planning.

Pedal on


  1. Only one event I can think of, the 1990 Xerox Challenge. And that was a little different.

  2. Yeah right on John,

    Xerox was an adventure racing/ extended triathlon event, not fully self supported though. Cycling, kayaking, and running from Cape Reinga to Bluff, and another difference...... it was a race :-)