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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

2016 Tour Aotearoa - A 3000km brevet the length of New Zealand

In Feb-March 2016, Jonathan Kennett will be running Tour Aotearoa - a 3000 km brevet from Cape Reinga to Bluff. It will follow a similar route to the one described at the back of Classic New Zealand Cycle Trails. The route will be updated at the end of 2015 to include several sections of new cycle trails that are currently being constructed.

This length-of-New-Zealand brevet will be organised along the same lines as the Kiwi Brevet, and will probably be a one-off event (who would be crazy enough to do this ride twice?). No entry fees, no prizes, just an unforgettable ride that will take from 15 to 30 days.

Tour Aotearoa will also have two brevette options: the North Island section and the South Island section (both around 1500 km long).

Its early days yet, but people wanting more information can contact Jonathan Kennett .

More Brevet news :
When's the next Kiwi Brevet? Well, Scott and Jo have volunteered to run it (and the Brevette) in the future - yee haa! They're going to run it in the first week of February 2015 (starting on the 31st of Jan). To fit in with that timing, the Tawhio o Whanganui will (if run again) most likely be moved to late 2014.

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